Introducing one of the most clever and versatile tools you'll ever use, the orange screw with its simple design, the orange screw is useful in many environments.

Where other products often fail they're also made entirely in the USA from 100% recycled materials by our family-owned company, have you ever experienced a tent stake fail in the wind or rain had your Sun shelter blown over at the beach and your dog, yank his steak out of the ground chances are something like this has happened to you.

That's why we created a better product one, that can easily handle all of these jobs our patented helical shape has been rigorously and successfully tested, in various environments soil types and temperature extremes with coarse threads and a lightweight yet burly design, Ori screws are unique among ground anchors and run your traditional tent garden and other stakes obsolete orange screws are so easy to use simply, start driving the screw into, the ground and finish it off with a clear plastic safety cover, which doubles as a tee grip even, the most difficult soils are no match Orange screws are available in two sizes they're incredibly strong and we guarantee every orange screw sold it's time to simplify your gear and use the, one ground anchor that does it all the orange screw will replace metal dog tie outs or provide a quick tie-down for other large animals they'll secure, your RV awning in the wind or keep your tent or beach shelter securely where you placed it you.

Smartlock give guests like dog walkers delivery people or friends and family virtual keys with access for a few days a few hours or even just specific times never leave keys under, the mat or in fake rocks again the August smart lock allows you to let in who you want when you want and get instant notifications, when anyone comes and goes from your home using the August app so you know your loved ones are home safe and you can even keep track of guests with a 24/7 activity log right on your.
Smartphone with August smart lock send virtual keys to guests and never copy a key again give guests access for a few days a few hours or specific times, the Delta storm proof lighter features an elastomer armor outer covering with a stainless steel wire closure to stand out to rugged outdoor use, the piezo electric ignition lights up to 10,000 times and will even work when wet the storm proof turbo flame withstands winds up to 80 miles per hour and the Delta storm proof lighter as an impact resistance enclosure, the Delta storm proof lighter uses quadruple refined butane which can also be purchased through UST there are 126 million homes in America but only 20% have home security we're changing that our goal is simple to make home safe for everyone not with false security but with real protection a.

Night Watch for your home a day watch - engineered. with a single focus to protect built with unprecedented safeguards against power outages downed. Wi-Fi to cut landlines bats hammers and everything in between not one room detection, whole home protection an arsenal of sensors cameras and a smart lock, two sensors so small they're practically invisible designed to disappear into your home and blanketed, with protection so precise that they can tell, the difference between a family pet and an intruder more than easy to use downright delightful everything soft and smooth to, the touch with gentle reminders, when a window is left open and urgency in moments of crisis all at prices, that are fair and honest were 10 years in protecting over 2 million Americans were.
Just getting started you.

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